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Propolis Community Index Report

Despite the recent launch of the Community Index, we have already uncovered fascinating insights from the data we’ve received.

Discover the power of the Propolis Community Index, a transformative tool offering insights into the marketing landscape, revealing crucial trends and practices that every business should grasp.

The report highlights three essential points extracted from the data:

1. Marketing Budget Allocation: An Eye-Opening Revelation.

One of the standout findings from the Propolis Community Index is the average marketing budget allocation as a percentage of revenue target, which stands at a modest 2%. This figure is considerably lower than the industry standard recommendation of 5% to 10%. The data raises questions about the budgetary decisions made by organizations participating in the survey. With marketing playing a pivotal role in driving business growth, these insights prompt a closer examination of budget allocation strategies. Businesses are encouraged to reevaluate their marketing budget priorities to ensure they are investing optimally in marketing initiatives. By aligning budget allocation with industry best practices, companies can unlock their full growth potential and elevate their marketing endeavors

2. Customer Retention: The data shows a shifting focus toward customer retention.

3. Teams & Resourcing: The index sheds light on divergent growth patterns in teams and resourcing. 


Unlock the numbers behind the other two points of data by downloading the first Community Index report. 

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