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Discover the Future of B2B Healthcare Marketing

Written by Kavita Singh, Senior Editor, B2B Marketing

Our report looks at the current state of marketing in the healthcare sector, supported by key statistics from the Propolis Community Index.

Delve into the latest findings from the Propolis Community Index, showcasing pivotal trends and strategies in the B2B healthcare sector. Crafted from data collected up to April 2024, this comprehensive report offers a deep dive into the significant budgets and strategic investments that are shaping the future of healthcare marketing.

Key Report Highlights:

  • Strategic Alignment and Budget Insights: Understand how healthcare marketing teams allocate their substantial budgets, focusing on personnel over technology, reflecting a strategic shift towards investing in human resources to drive patient engagement and retention.
  • Marketing Spend Analysis: Explore the distribution of marketing expenditures across various activities, revealing a preference for personnel investment over technological tools, a trend that suggests a deliberate focus on quality and strategy.
  • Agency and Third-Party Collaborations: Gain insights into the extensive use of third-party agencies by healthcare marketers, aiding in innovation and agility in campaign strategies and execution.
  • Sector-Specific Challenges and Opportunities: Learn about the unique challenges faced in the healthcare sector and how leading marketers are navigating these to maintain and expand their market presence.

Why Download This Report?

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Equip your marketing team with sector-specific data that enhances strategic decision-making and operational adjustments.
  • Benchmarking and Insights: Compare your organization’s performance against key industry benchmarks to identify areas for improvement and strategic pivoting.
  • Expert Analysis and Recommendations: Benefit from expert commentary and strategic recommendations from top marketing leaders, helping you to optimize your marketing approach and resource allocation.

Join the Propolis Community:

By accessing this report, you also learn more about joining the Propolis community, a global platform for B2B marketers that offers training, advisory services, and real-time marketing metrics. Enhance your marketing capabilities and network with industry leaders to stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare marketing landscape.

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Don’t work in healthcare? Not to worry, we will be doing similar reports utilizing Community Index data on each industry in the coming months. To stay updated with our report releases, follow the Propolis LinkedIn page

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