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Best Practice Briefings

Unlocking the power of data for all

Hosted by Propolis Expert Tony Lamb

Watch how AI is transforming the way we manage, maintain, and extract value from data.

Data management is crucial for creating an environment where data can be useful across the entire organization. However recent research from Boldspace found that a majority (60%) of marketing and communications leaders cannot easily access the data they need across the core areas of their remit.

Managing data is a labor-intensive activity: It involves cleaning, extracting, integrating, cataloging, labeling, and organizing data, and defining and performing the many data-related tasks that often lead to frustration, and a costly hindrance to releasing the value hidden in the data itself

Artificial intelligence (AI) has an ace card to play in this field. In this briefing, we will explore the profound impact AI is having on data management and analytics, highlighting the key advancements and benefits it brings to marketers.

So to discuss this topic, and provide a range of experiences, here are our Panellists:

  • Tony Lamb, Data Channel Expert, Propolis (moderator)
  • Guy Davis, Owner, Lean Data
  • Jefferson Lynch, CEO, Red Olive
  • Barry Marks, Master Data Consultant/ Sales & Marketing SME, Dun & Bradstreet

Propolis Best Practice Briefings are focused on helping you learn a new skill or address a particular common challenge with practical and actionable insights to build on your skill set.

This is one of eight virtual Best Practice Briefings produced every quarter by the Propolis Experts, each designed to build on team skill sets or address a common challenge through key practical guidance. The full set of Best Practice Briefings is available exclusively to Propolis members.

Tony Lamb

Data and Insight Expert

Tony Lamb is a senior data leader with over 25 years of experience building high-performance data functions for large corporations, B2B marketing service companies, and SME businesses. He formed his own data consultancy in 2001 and has diverse experience working with C-Level sponsors and senior leadership teams to build bottom-up data strategies that deliver business value. Tony is a Director of Nua Training and a conference speaker specializing in data strategy and master data management. He was also previously the Chair of the DMA Data Council.

Tony is data and insight expert on Propolis, B2B Marketing’s community intelligence platform that enables B2B marketers to enhance strategy, build a world-class marketing function and deliver tangible ROI. Learn more about Propolis via the Link below.

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