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Why every business needs a Chief Customer Experience Officer

Want to be more profitable than your competitors? Why don’t you truly place your customers at the heart...

1 December 2015

b2b marketing

6 key strategies to ramp up your B2B marketing success

In the super competitive world of B2B marketing, it’s a battle between your success – or that of...

1 December 2015

Chinese consortium invests in Manchester City

CMC Holdings, among others, has invested $400 million in City Football Group, Manchester City's owners

1 December 2015

intelligent content

To an engineer, unless your content is pertinent, you are wasting your time

Creating intelligent content is the only way to engage prospects in the engineering/manufacturing industry and potentially turn them...

1 December 2015

Pressure on budgets is agency's biggest challenge

It was the most commonly cited hurdle, with 35 per cent of respondents listing it as their single...

1 December 2015

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