B2B Reach

Connecting with customers requires great content and targeted distribution.

But getting both these crucial elements right, time after time, is a tough call for any B2B marketing team. 

This is where B2B Reach comes in.


The role of content marketing in demand generation campaigns is critical,
and fraught with challenges.

How do you create authentic stories behind your brand? 
How can you ensure you ingrain distribution and engagement opportunities into your stories? 
And how do you deliver content that actually cuts through and generates ROI?

B2B Reach is your answer.

B2B Reach services

Strong and credible research-based content makes for audience-grabbing headlines, extensive social sharing and outstanding conversion rates. Our research team will deliver exactly that, using our targetable member database to research fresh and exciting insight-lead stories, endorsed by the authority and credibility of the B2B Marketing brand.

B2B Marketing Reach brings over ten years of journalistic experience to transform the engagement and results you get from your content marketing, by delivering:

  • Compelling, research-led stories.
  • Insights, ideas and fresh thinking.
  • Tools that add practical value to your customers’ lives.
  • Multiple content formats - from reports and guides to infographics and videos.

Once published, we’ll deliver a tailored content distribution and re-purposing package across our multiple user touchpoints and channels to deliver maximum reach, engagement and lead generation for your campaign.

When your B2B Reach campaign is complete, you’ll have a powerful and compelling content piece to build into your wider marketing programme and promote to your own customer base and prospects.

For more information email media@b2bmarketing.net or call +44 (0)207 014 4920.

What’s different about B2B Marketing Reach?

No-one delivers authority, credibility, relevance and reach in the B2B arena like we do.
B2B Marketing Reach lets you tap into that, positioning your brand as thought leader and a voice of authority within your market.

Fresh insights

We understand the B2B space like no one else. This knowledge, combined with our in depth research, delivers compelling insights for your content marketing.

Ready-made engagement

We’ve spent the last decade building the trust of B2B marketing decision makers. Our Reach programme places your brand and messaging into the heart of their online engagement.

Everything in one package

B2B Marketing Reach delivers a complete service, encompassing editorial consultation, research, copywriting, design, engagement and reporting.


By combining killer content with built-in distribution, we’ll give you a content marketing programme that will drive your pipeline, MQLs and ROI like never before.

Our methodology

  1. Exploration

    Every project starts with a workshop. This enables us to develop a perspective and thesis on your topic which will deliver against your objectives and resonate with your target audience.

  2. Verification

    The thesis is then researched and tested across our unique, targetable member database of B2B marketers and leaders.

    This enables us to deepen our understanding and unearth distinctive and compelling insights.

  3. Creation

    Our team of content creators then set about writing and producing content that brings these ideas and insights to life.

  4. Distribution

    Using our extensive member network we make sure your content is seen and engaged with by the people you need to reach.

  5. Conversation

    We’re keen to keep the conversation going post-publication. That’s why our dedicated content strategists are on-hand to lead the online conversation. And for those looking for face-to-face dialogue, our roundtable events provide the perfect environment.

  6. Measurement

    Throughout the distribution and promotion stage we track and measure everything, to identify ways to drive even greater results for your campaign.