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B2B Martech: The Marketing Leader’s Perspective

Discover how B2B marketing leaders are leveraging martech to drive success. Learn the key strategies and tactics to help you stay ahead of the competition.

How effective is your martech stack? How can you measure how successful your tech is? Who, and what, drives your decision making process? Where do agencies and vendors come into play? How does martech need to develop to meet your future needs?
We put all these questions and more to 10 leading B2B martech figures to gauge the current martech landscape as they see it. Featuring unique insight from leaders at Deloitte, Demandbase, and Propolis (to name a few), you’ll learn everything you need to successfully navigate the ever-changing, ever-expanding martech landscape to capitalise on new opportunities, make clear buying decisions, and demonstrate the impact of your investment.

Download this report now and leave with a better understanding of whether you’re on the right martech track – and if you’re not, how you can reach it.

“Marketers everywhere are being asked to do more with less. That means the technology we decide to keep not only has to show outcomes, it has to scale. Take digital ads – dwindling effectiveness and no scale. The more ads you serve, the more you pay, but it doesn’t net out in greater impact”

Mary Gilbert, CMO, Folloze

B2B Marketing report: B2B martech - a marketing leader's view

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