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The Propolis Community Index

A Radical Shift in B2B Marketing Metrics

Equip yourself with the right metrics to make more informed, data-driven decisions

For the first time ever, the Propolis Community Index gives marketing leaders access to real-time B2B marketing performance metrics through one dedicated, easy-to-use dashboard.

See in an instant how your organization measures up in terms of budgets, ROI, customer attrition, and team structure compared to your own sector and our wider global B2B community. Unlock crucial data and insights to track both key strengths and areas for improvement, and compare your marketing function’s performance against your peers.

Your Data, Categorized with 3 Separate Dashboards

Customer Growth & Attrition

Metrics include: "Average customer tenure in years", "Percentage change in fees to customers in current year", and more.

Budget, Spend & ROI

Metrics include: "Marketing budget as percentage of revenue target", "How marketers are spending their budget by individual activity", and more.

Resourcing and Organization Structure

Metrics include: "Expected change in headcount in the last 6 months", "The average annual attrition rate in marketing teams", and more.

Pinpoint key areas of development across your marketing team

Our data is continuously gathered from 1,000+ CMOs and marketing leaders from $20m+ businesses in the UK and US, across five major B2B sectors using an independent and anonymous research process. The Propolis Community Index empowers you with the high-quality, accurate B2B metrics you need to confidently make informed, data-driven decisions to justify your future marketing spend and strategic planning.

Sector Specific Data

Allows you to drill down into core marketing metrics by sector so you can quickly gather essential insights that are relevant and specific to your business needs.

Region Specific Data

Understand how your customer growth and attrition rates measure up against your peers to reveal key areas for improvement or focus.

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Pinpoint key areas for development across your marketing teams by seeing how your team structure, size, regional split and attrition compares to similar marketing functions across your own sector and the wider B2B community

Rest assured, no other organizations will have access to your company's personal data.

Our Commitment to Privacy

The responses provided by your organization are carefully aggregated and anonymized to form a comprehensive dataset. This approach ensures that benchmarking and industry insights are derived from collective data, safeguarding individual company information.

Informed by the Propolis Community

Propolis is the global community for B2B marketing leaders – a place where marketing leaders come together to solve collective marketing challenges. With that in mind, the metrics we collect for The Propolis Community Index are informed by the requirements of the community. While this dashboard has a ton of valuable information, it doesn’t have everything, yet. 

The index continually evolves its metrics in response to the requests of its users, so that you can be confident that the data is relevant to you and the changing needs of the B2B community it serves

Just a sample of the metrics inside the Community Index

+ 0 %
Percentage change in fees to customers in the current year
0 yrs
Average customer Tunure (Years)
0 %
The percentage of revenue that marketing is responsible for
+ 0 %
Expected change in headcount in the last 6 months

Whilst B2B Marketing has exercised its best efforts, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Propolis Community Index data contained herein, or eliminate the possibility of anomalies due to being unable to prevent survey participants from inputting falsified or inaccurate data. B2B Marketing reserves the right to re-publish the data periodically to better support the quality and value-add of the data provided.

Due to these limitations, and to the extent permitted by law, B2B Marketing accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage of any description whatsoever caused by the use of, or any reliance upon this data. Recipients of the Propolis Community Index data acknowledge that they use the data provided entirely at their own risk.

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Please note: The Propolis Community index is exclusivly for Propolis members. If you would like full access to the community index along with the vast amount of other Propolis materials please talk with our team about getting your company involved in the global community for B2B marketing leaders. 

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