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2024 Propolis Community Sprint Report – Commercial Marketer

Stop talking marketing. Start talking business. Revealing why we need to become commercial marketers.

Marketing has long struggled to gain the respect and appreciation it deserves from the C-Suite and other departments. Many marketers feel frustrated that their contributions are undervalued despite their potential to drive significant business growth. This report outlines how marketers can transform their approach to be seen as strategic and valuable partners in business, emphasizing the importance of becoming “commercial marketers.”

Tackling the Challenge
In a series of structured activities within the Propolis community, marketing leaders collaborated to address the challenge of enhancing marketing’s strategic impact. The process included:

  • Roundtable Discussions: Brought B2B marketing leaders together to discuss exactly what being a commercial marketer is.
  • Digital Events: Sharing new visions and collecting data on skills gaps.
  • Practical Steps: Outlining actionable steps for marketers to build trust and influence.
  • Case Studies: Highlighting examples of successful commercial marketing practices.

Insights from Marketing Leaders
Key insights from the roundtable discussions revealed the need for marketers to speak the language of finance and sales to build trust and influence within the C-Suite. The concept of the “commercial marketer” emerged, defined as a marketer who prioritizes strategic thinking and measurable business growth over tactical achievements.

Five Key Focus Areas for Commercial Marketers
To drive genuine commercial value, marketers need to focus on five key areas:

  • Business and Strategy: Understanding the company’s trading objectives.
  • Product and Portfolio: Being involved in what the company sells.
  • Customers, Community, and Team: Knowing who the company serves.
  • Market, Industry, and Profession: Understanding the trading environment.
  • Brand, Campaigns, and Channels: Managing how the company trades.

Skills for Commercial Marketers
Six essential skills were identified for becoming a commercial marketer:

  • Insight: Understanding market trends and customer needs.
  • Analytical: Interpreting data to make informed decisions.
  • Financial Acumen: Linking marketing activities to financial outcomes.
  • Strategic Thinking: Aligning marketing strategies with business goals.
  • Agile Decision Making: Adapting quickly to market changes.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Building relationships with stakeholders.

The path to becoming a valued member of the C-Suite lies in transforming into a commercial marketer. This shift requires a change in mindset and the development of specific skills that align marketing efforts with business growth objectives. For those looking to make this transition, resources, and communities like Propolis offer invaluable support and guidance.

Download the Full Report
To delve deeper into the insights and strategies for becoming a successful commercial marketer, download the full report now. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to drive measurable business growth and secure your place as a strategic partner within your organization.

For more information on becoming a commercial marketer and accessing resources to help you succeed, visit Propolis and enquire about joining the community of forward-thinking marketers.

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