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How to Develop a Scalable 1:Many ABM Strategy

Written by Propolis Expert Robert Norum

Implement this clear and effective strategy for your 1:Many ABM programs to enhance targeting and maximize results.

Discover an effective, structured approach to implementing 1:Many Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with our proven model. Designed for straightforward adoption by marketing teams, this six-stage process guides you through every critical phase of ABM execution.

  1. Scoping the Program: Begin by clearly defining the scope of your ABM program, aligning marketing and sales objectives, and identifying target sectors, account priorities, and key personas.
  2. Account Segmentation: Focus on recognizing important verticals and groups for targeting, ensuring that your efforts are directed toward the most lucrative opportunities.
  3. Strategy Definition: Outline your 1:Many ABM strategy, selecting the right technology platforms and utilizing intent data to enhance targeted outreach.
  4. Personalized Messaging: Craft messages that speak directly to specific industry sectors and personas, ensuring relevance and engagement.
  5. Campaign Development: Develop and execute compelling content strategies across various channels such as LinkedIn advertising and outbound marketing programs to reach and resonate with your targeted accounts.
  6. Ongoing Measurement and ROI Assessment: Continuously measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and assess ROI with quarterly reviews. This critical step allows for timely adjustments to strategies, ensuring optimal performance and outcomes.

For B2B marketers aiming to implement or refine their 1:Many ABM programs, this model offers clarity, a replicable framework, and a path to successful marketing outcomes.

Download our detailed model via the form on the right and start leveraging a structured, proven approach to 1:Many ABM.

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Robert Norum

ABM & Demand Strategy Expert, B2B Marketing

Robert Norum is the ABM and Demand Strategy Expert for Propolis, the global community for B2B marketing leaders.

A B2B Marketer with over 30 years experience, Robert has worked in magazine publishing, IT distribution, marketing agencies and for the last 19 years as an independent marketing consultant. For the last 10 years Robert has specialised in ABM working with a wide cross section of global brands. Since 2017, he has delivered the B2B Marketing ABM Essentials training course for 500+ marketing professionals.

Robert is one of seven Experts on hand for Propolis members to access at any time offering impartial, trusted advice that is tailored to their specific business needs. Whether it’s help with enhancing their marketing strategy or working through a specific challenge, Propolis members can save an average £30k a year working directly with the Experts instead of using external consultants.

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