B2B Leaders Report 2013

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In support of the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum (held on 19 September at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) – an exclusive event for top-level business marketers, providing a unique opportunity for senior client-side B2B practitioners to share experiences, compare thoughts and create new insights. This report was created to provide a unique view of B2B marketing leaders.
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This report, designed to complement the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum event, provides a distinctive view of marketing leaders and how they managed their reputation in four specific areas:

  • Their brand – how did they rate it relative to competitors’, and how well did they feel they’re managing their brand?
  • Their performance – how did they demonstrate their value and return on investment?
  • Their team – how did they ensure their team maintained a high skill level?
  • Their personal reputation – what makes a good B2B leader, and where did they feel they’re lacking?

Produced by B2B Marketing in association with Circle Research, the survey was conducted online during July 2013, and a total of 100 B2B marketing leaders took part. By marketing leaders, we mean those marketers who are either in the senior leadership team or report directly to them, and who are responsible for a significant portion of their organisation’s B2B marketing budgets.

Detailed profile of respondents:

  • Top three job titles: Marketing director (37 per cent)
                                        Head of marketing (14 per cent)
                                        Marketing manager (16 per cent)
  • Level of seniority:    Member of the senior leadership team (60 per cent)
                                        Report directly into the senior leadership team (39 per cent)
  • Budget responsibility: Overall responsibility for all the B2B marketing budget (63 per cent)
                                            Responsibility for a significant portion of the budget (37 per cent)
  • Total budget controlled: £188m
  • Average number of years in marketing: 15 years

The results analysis was written by Circle Research, additional observations written by Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, and Gemma Huckle, assistant editor at B2B Marketing. Design and layout by ICD.


This research will help you:

  • Understand B2B leaders’ top priorities for the next 12 months – how diverse are their concerns and are they more strategic or tactical?
  • Identify how the senior leadership team views the marketing function ­– how much respect and support does marketing get from the board?
  • Comprehend their conduct and attitudes towards staffing and training – what are marketing qualifications worth and what skills are lacking from today’s marketers?
  • Map marketing leaders’ approach to marketing activity and strategy – what are the core challenges effecting marketing across multiple territories?

Section 1 – Brand reputation

  • Most respected B2B brands
  • Brand perception and understanding
  • Internal understanding of brand
  • External understanding of brand
  • Respect for marketing
  • Branding and resources
  • Marketing budget
  • Annual spend on marketing
  • Change in turnover allocated to marketing

Section 2 – Performance reputation

  • Arguments for increasing budget
  • Marketing ROI
  • Consequences of inability to measure ROI
  • Difficulty in justifying future investments
  • Impact different marketing activities have

Section 3 – Team reputation

  • Team skills gaps
  • Challenges in developing team skills
  • Team programmes

Section 4 – Personal reputation

  • Skills strength and development
  • Skills compared to tenure in marketing
  • Attributes of a successful B2B marketing leader
  • Time leaders need to make an impact
  • Strength of skills compared to time in role
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