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8 Ways Google Analytics Data can boost B2B Lead Generation Sales | B2B Marketing

The best thing about using Google Analytics is that marketers can focus on specific, actionable ways to increase sales based on prospects’ behavioral data.

When prospects visit your site or download stuff from your blog page, Analytics can help you determine the causes and effects of each of the actions taken. Regular checking of page traffic and popularity can assist the business keep an eye of the marketplace .It’s a necessary tool especially in making sure that lead generation is easily facilitated.

Google Analytics gives you access to sales conversion, product sales, and revenue data which can be used to establish actionable ways to increase

 leads sales

 according to MarketingProfs:

  1. Bounce rates

     can provide a hint about which pages on your website may need to be improved.

  2. Exit pages

     will tell you where users are leaving the website. For instance, if the most common exit page is a newsletter sign-up page, then it may not be the right place for a call to action to sign up for the website’s monthly newsletter.

  3. Conversion rate and revenue

     will likely become the two most important metrics you use to track which marketing efforts are successful.

  4. Social media information

    : Google Analytics now includes social media tracking and behavior through Goals. Paying attention to what page and content were shared can give websites a good indicator of which things that prospects care about the most.

  5. Device used

    : If a significant portion of an e-commerce website’s traffic is from mobile, it might be worth the development cost to design a mobile site or application. Catering to how customers are accessing products can make purchases simpler and easier.

  6. Revenue per keyword

    . With Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, you can both track how many sales each keyword is driving and you how many dollars of revenue each keyword is driving. Since some keywords will naturally drive a smaller average order size, knowing which ones will allow you to more accurately focus your efforts on your most profitable keywords.

  7. Revenue per landing page

    . Track which landing pages are bringing in the most revenue. Drive more traffic to successful pages, and strategize to improve the less successful pages.

  8. Promotions and campaigns

    . Track revenue, average order size, and other key metrics for each promotional offer or campaign you run.

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