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AI Writing Fundamentals Training Course


Harness generative AI to accelerate and improve your B2B writing

Discover how AI writing can multiply the unique human value of your B2B marketing content, in this workshop led by B2B copywriting expert David McGuire. Focusing on key fundamentals, you’ll find use cases, spot pitfalls, and gain a clear structure for reviewing AI-generated text. | Virtual course

Upcoming course dates

Upcoming course dates

Upcoming course


Upcoming course


November 20-21 2024

2pm - 5pm GMT / 9am - 12pm ET

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According to McKinsey, writing first drafts is now the most popular business use for generative AI. But it’s not as easy as just asking ChatGPT to write your blog. With hallucinations, inconsistencies, and originality issues, you need a safe, structured approach that uses AI to amplify your human strengths – without risking your brand.

This highly practical, two-day online workshop will give you a chance to experiment, and build realistic use cases for AI in your own content writing process. Led by B2B writing and creativity expert David McGuire, you’ll get to know the possibilities and pitfalls as you improve and accelerate your work.

What will you learn?

Crucially, this not an exercise in wishful thinking, or another presentation on the futuristic magic of AI. It’s a realistic look at the approach you need to make the most of the tools that are emerging: where you can use them, and where you can’t.

Find the right use cases for generative AI in your content process.

Understand what a Large Language Model can and can’t do for you.

Use AI to help you create ideas and improve your writing.

Build a clear, structured process for reviewing AI-written text.

Harness the strengths and avoid the pitfalls of AI writing for B2B.

As a workshop, you’ll learn alongside other B2B marketers, share experiences and insights, and collaborate in a fun, informal environment to decide your own approach.

A structured approach for the realities of today’s AI

As you develop your understanding of the fundamentals of AI writing, you’ll gain a clear, structured review method to help you avoid the pitfalls along the way:

Check for AI accuracy issues, mistakes, and hallucinations

Focus on use cases that play to AI’s strengths

Iterate and edit until the writing fits your brand’s voice and tone

Get ahead of evolving legal requirements around disclosure and data privacy

Find and multiply the unique human-generated value in your content


Who should attend?

This fundamentals course is for any B2B marketer who’s considering using generative AI as part of their content writing process.

It’s also ideal for marketers who have already begun to use AI, but need a clearer framework to feel confident about legal, originality, accuracy, and ethical issues.


Like all our courses, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance, which can be added to your LinkedIn profile and CV.

This certification acknowledges your time and dedication in updating your skills and knowledge to reflect the changing B2B marketing landscape. Congratulations!

About the trainer

David McGuire – Advisor and Coach – B2B Copywriting and Creativity

Windhover B2B

B2B Marketing’s resident B2B copywriting expert and trainer, David has been making dull subjects interesting for more than 20 years. Steeped in B2B marketing, he’s crafted content about everything from air conditioning controllers to cybersecurity insurance – spending eight years as creative director for the UK’s largest specialist B2B tech writing agency before setting up his independent coaching and consultancy practice. He’s also the regular host of the UK’s national copywriting conference.

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