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How Tech Marketers are Boosting Performance

Written by Kavita Singh, Senior Editor, B2B Marketing

Our report looks at how tech and software marketers are boosting performance, supported by real-time date from the Propolis Community Index.

In this report, we delve into the findings from the initial launch of the Propolis Community Index, focusing specifically on the technology and software sectors. This targeted approach ensures that technology and software marketers receive insights that are highly relevant to your field. By honing in on this particular sector, we’re able to uncover opportunities and provide insights that are uniquely tailored to the technology and software industries.

We have concentrated our data collection efforts on the following key areas:

  • Budget spend and ROI.
  • Customer growth and attrition.
  • Resourcing and organizational structure.

Across these areas, we’ve amassed a total of 81 separate data points, furnishing us with a detailed view of the B2B marketing landscape within the technology and software sectors.

To uncover the full breadth of our analysis and obtain actionable insights for your marketing strategy, download the complete report via the button on the right. Learn what distinguishes marketing in the technology and software sectors and explore our targeted recommendations, all based on up-to-the-minute data.

Not operating within the technology and software industries? No problem. We’re conducting similar in-depth analyses for each sector using the Community Index data in the forthcoming months. To keep up to date with our report releases and stay ahead in your industry, follow the Propolis LinkedIn page.

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