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Number of decision-makers for buying B2B tech revealed

On average 15 decision-makers are involved in the purchasing journey for B2B tech, according to research.


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report by FleishmanHillard Fishburn surveyed 250 UK business decision-makers and found that of these 15 decision-makers, 39% were likely to be millennials, and nearly half felt B2B content was boring.

Tech publications, industry events and thought leadership were discovered to be important factors in the buying journey. Respondents cited tech publications and industry events as the most highly-rated source, while 64% of buyers said thought leadership was the biggest influence on their decision.

The report also uncovered what B2B tech buyers were looking for from vendors

The way respondents wished to be approached by a vendor differed. Around 44% wanted an in-person demo from a vendor, while 54% wanted a quick answer to their question.

In regards to the product itself, value for money was the most important characteristic. Some 62% also wanted a product that would impact the sales and marketing funnel directly.

In the report, Claudia Bate, head of technology, director and partner at FleishmanHillard Fishburn, said: “The B2B sales process is long and complex, but what really came through in our research is that decision-makers don’t leave their emotions and personalities at the door when they enter the office each day to don their B2B tech buyer hat. Our research shows that modern B2B marketing for technological products and solutions needs to appeal to both hearts and minds.”

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