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The Keynote speakers | B2B Marketing

The Keynote stream saw nine incredible speakers spread over the three days of Ignite London 2020

Day 1: Why a story is worth a hundred slides

Anthony Tasgal, trainer, speaker, author, strategist

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Anthony Tasgal

Day 1: Precision demand generation for an unpredictable world

Chris Wickson, Integrate

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Chris Wickson

Day 1: Talk triggers: Turn your customers into your ultimate sales and marketing advantage

Jay Baer, Convince and Convert

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Jay Baer

Day 2: How to use data to enhance creativity and storytelling

Dr. Christine Bailey, Valitor

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Christine Bailey

Day 2: Five ways to use digital to enable sales in a contact-free world

Simon McEvoy, Omobono

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Simon McEvoy

Day 2: How the world’s most innovative teams deliver great ideas and extraordinary business outcomes

Carla Johnson, Outsourced CMO

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Carla Johnson

Day 3: Advocates, ambassadors, and activation: How to win friends and influence people

Cara O’nions, Bottomline Technologies

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Cara O'nions

Day 3: In search of the EQL: How ‘ideas with value’ make martech matter more

Jeremy Bramwell and Reuben Webb, Stein IAS; and Richard Hepworth, Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure

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Stein IAS

Day 3: ReadyAlready™ for whatever happens next in B2B marketing

Allister Frost, keynote speaker, and chief digital optimist

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Allister Frost

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