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What Marketing Professionals Do and What You Should Know About a Career in Marketing | B2B Marketing

What marketing professionals do cannot be described in a few words, because depending on the type of business their job description changes. At some companies, they are only taking care of advertising whereas in other companies they are involved in every process from the concept of the product to its shipping to the customers. Regardless of how much work they have to do or how tight their schedules are, marketing professionals are creative people who can change the way the world moves with their skills. If you are an aspiring marketing professional, here is some useful information for you. Watch our Propolis Data Expert, Tony Lamb, giving advice on how to ‘navigate the future of work’.

Why Marketing Career?

Different people can have different reason to become a marketing professional but a few factors remain common. First, marketing career is one of the high paying careers. Second, there are always chances of growth and promotion in this particular field. Moreover, some people want to be marketing professionals because they like how they have to be creative, innovative and different in this career. Marketing is a part of every business in the world so your opportunities are undying. We can only say that as the time passes the need for marketing professionals will increase.

Marketing professionals can actually see the end results of their work. Even a slightest change made to the logo of a company resonates for decades and centuries if it gets hit in the market. The job is not easy for sure. Not to mention, there are businesses in which the marketers have to act like sales people. All the pressure that is supposed to be on the sales professionals ends up being on the marketing professionals. However, this pressure doesn’t feel big when you can see your creativity manifesting itself in the company’s products, services, ideas and everything that you have worked on.

Most Important Traits Of Marketing Professionals

In order for you to be a successful marketing professional you need to have a set of particular skills and natural habits. First, you have to be outgoing and social. It is hard to believe that a person shy of going out in public and being social can be a good marketer. You must have an impressive and inspiring personality because this helps you build links and links are extremely important in marketing. You must have great observation skills, up-to-date information of the latest trends, fashions and changes in the tastes of people.

You have to be a decision maker – a strong one. Acting maturely and with confidence in difficult situations must be your traits. Pressure handling skills have to be sky high because pressure is what you will be under for almost throughout your marketing career. You must be target oriented and know how to make people work for you. Your communication must be stupendous and extremely persuasive regardless of what you talk about. Moreover, your sense of using money must be great. You must know well how to use your money, how much and when. Last but not least, you must be a great listener.

Pros And Cons Of Marketing Career

As mentioned above, the marketing career puts you on a path of constant growth. You can always continue to grow with your great performance and skills. It isn’t surprising to see some company offering you a great salary to work for them while you are still working for another company. You get a high salary and your salary includes many other incentives. You will be provided a vehicle from the company. There’s a medical cover, especially dental plan, available for you as a marketer. Smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. are other perks that your company will give you with no hassle.

When it comes to cons pressure is the first thing that needs to be mentioned. It must be understood here that you are looking at targets when working as a marketing professional. The pressure will be on you forever. You have to be creative at all times. You have to meet a lot of people and attend a lot of meetings so your schedule will be an extremely hectic and tiring one. You have to maintain great relationships and for that you will have to sacrifice your personal time too. You are often asked for a lot of experience before being offered a job in marketing industry, and it’s hard to get a job if you don’t have enough of it.

How Much Salary Can You Expect?

The salary of a marketing professional depends on his designation and position at a company. Furthermore, your salary increases with time so it will be different for those who have been in this field for more than a decade and those who have just started with it. The target is always a 6-figure salary at the end of the year including the incentives and other bonuses but this comes for marketing executives. Earning a handsome 5-figure salary at the end of the year should always be your target as a marketing professional.

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